Complete support across all areas of your business.

We focus on providing clear, effective, and consistent support to enterprise-wide needs, based on specialized knowledge, best practices, and technology to serve internal (and sometimes external) customers and business partners. Our expert team of corporate lawyers, tax advisors, auditors, and accountants, both local and international, guarantee the best possible results.

Company Formations Internationally

We organize registration of companies in more than 65 jurisdictions including Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Marshall Islands, Seychelles, Panama, United Kingdom, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, British Virgin Islands, Malta, Belize, Delaware, Cayman Islands, St. Vincent and Grenadines amongst others.

Our highly versatile and experienced corporate team covers company formations, on-going management and administration support, banking administration as well as expert legal, tax and accounting support.

We understand the need for fast and high-quality services on a global scale. We provide in-depth reviews of the proposed structures, advice where necessary as to optimize the clients’ interests whilst complying with the relevant legal framework and best corporate practices.

Re-domiciliation of Companies

We assist with a smooth process of moving a company’s place of incorporation from one jurisdiction to another by changing the country under whose laws it is registered with, whilst maintaining the same legal identity.

As per the Cyprus law, companies are allowed to be re-domiciled through a transfer of their registered office, both in and out of Cyprus provided that their Memorandum specifically provides for this. This offers a valuable tool for companies wishing to change the jurisdiction under whose laws they are registered, while maintaining the same legal identity.


The re-domiciliation procedure provides for a seamless transition, allowing the company to continue its business intact, under the Cyprus legal system. The simple procedure of transferring the company’s registered office avoids unnecessary procedures and administrative costs which may potentially exist in the incorporation process.


Advantages of re-domiciliating your company to Cyprus:


    1. Simplicity of the procedure;
    2. Corporation tax amounting to 12,5%;
    3. Tax exemption on dividends between Cyprus companies;
    4. Tax exemption on royalties received by a connected company registered in the EU;
    5. Double tax treaties in place;
    6. Cyprus is an EU Member State and the legislation falls within the ambit of EU Directives and Regulations.

A Cyprus company, after obtaining the consent of the Registrar of Cyprus Companies can apply to a foreign country to continue its existence under the jurisdiction of that country, provided that the laws of that country allow it.

Corporate & Fiduciary

Our corporate & fiduciary team support effective administrative support for day-to-day business operations, so you save time to focus on what is important. Our services include the corporate management and administration, the appointment of nominee directors, secretaries, shareholders and trustees, the provision of registered address, the maintenance of statutory books and records, the organization of the annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings, the preparation of Board of Directors and Shareholders meetings and all kind of resolutions, translations, notarization and apostil certifications, issuance of corporate certificates by the registrar, issuance of governmental certificates such us clean criminal record, tax residency certificate, tax clearance certificate etc., preparation and filing of annual returns, filing of corporate changes to the registrar, and other secretarial services.

International Tax Planning

Based on the globalization of the world’s economy, the success of a business is determined by the effective tax planning. Cyprus is an international financial centre with the most favourable tax regime in European Union since the Country has signed 60 double tax treaties and corporation tax rate 12.5%. The role of the international tax planning is the key for various transactions such as financing transactions, mergers, acquisitions, cross-border operations, group structuring and restructuring.

We can assist your company with tax planning, providing professional support on tax issues in Cyprus and abroad, creating an inheritance strategy and changing tax residency.

Accounting and bookkeeping

Cyprus companies have the obligation to keep accounting records showing the day-to-day financial transactions. The preparation of accounting is an important part of the companies which will help them to have better management. The preparation of audited financial statements every year is obligatory in Cyprus and requires the prior preparation of the accounting and bookkeeping.

Our accounting department consists of highly qualified and experienced personnel that deal with the accounting, TAX, VAT, social insurance and legislation issues of clients all over the world. We always aim to ensure that our clients’ businesses comply with all government laws and enjoy all tax benefits that Cyprus has to offer.

  • Preparation of VAT reports quarterly
  • Preparation of VIES reports monthly
  • Payroll
  • Social insurance & PAYE
  • Management and Weakness reports
  • Management accounts
  • Budgeting
  • Invoicing

Our accountants always ensure that our clients’ companies comply with all government laws and meet the deadlines of each jurisdiction all over the world.

Bank Account Opening

We solve financial and banking matters in relation to interaction with banks. We oversee our customers’ financial transactions, organize the correct payment process between accounts and map out routes of monetary transactions. We guide you through the industry’s ever-changing legal landscape, advising on structuring, documentation, and negotiation of all aspects of transactional work, including the taking and enforcement of security and the regulation of financial and banking sectors, opening and operating bank accounts, provision of bank signatories and processing bank instruction and arranging for any other bank related issues. We further undertake the ongoing compliance requirements and the yearly compliance review of the relevant accounts.

International Trusts & Foundations

A Trust and a Foundation offer a complete protection for personal and business assets and enable you to register shares of a company or an asset into the Trust or the Foundation instead of holding them on a private name.

The Trust serves to secure and strengthen the Beneficiaries’ interests thus, the Trustee exercises a formal ownership over the assets registered to the Trust and must serve the interests of the Beneficiaries which are appointed by the Settlor.

There are many benefits to set up a trust, but some of the most common reasons to choose a trust are:


  • Asset Protection
  • Confidentiality
  • Tax planning
  • Succession and Estate planning
  • The Settlor is not a permanent resident in Cyprus
  • At least one of the Trustees is permanent resident in Cyprus
  • The Beneficiaries are not permanent residents in Cyprus
  • The trust property does not include any immovable property situated in Cyprus.

We cover a comprehensive range of International Trusts and Foundations in various jurisdictions. Our professionals have extensive experience with both the setting-up and ongoing administration of International Trusts and Foundations.

Cyprus Substance & Headquartering

Business substance has become on of the most important tools for international tax planning. We provide assistance in setting up business substance in Cyprus or even moving your company’s operations to another country in order to reduce your tax implications.

We assist you with office space rentals, staff recruiting, staff training, office equipment, IT setup and maintenance, HR services, payroll services, employer’s liability insurance, medical insurance, corporate and legal support.

For more information on full-service portfolio please visit our Cyprus Substance website.

International Operations Compliance

Confronted with increasing regulatory demands, companies are required to initiate corresponding compliance and KYC procedures. For clients operating internationally, a comprehensive compliance framework is therefore indispensable to ensure sufficient management oversight with both local and international requirements.

We translate such a multi-faced matter into an integrated international service that combines international experience with a sense of regional sensitivity. We thoroughly understand the need of cost efficiency, strategic commercial guidance, and most importantly, mindfulness throughout.

Our professionals approach each situation individually and know how to manoeuvre with the necessary prudence through the challenging framework of changing laws on an (inter)national level.

Intellectual Property

Our team of experts is committed to strategically guide and assist clients from a commercial and legal perspective in planning, protecting, and defending at the same time their intellectual right in order to achieve business growth and development.

  • Trademarks Registration
  • Business Name Registration
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Patents
Company Liquidation Internationally

We organize the liquidation of companies in more than 65 jurisdictions including Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Marshall Islands, Seychelles, Panama, United Kingdom, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, British Virgin Islands, Malta, Belize, Delaware, Cayman Islands, St. Vincent and Grenadines amongst others.

In Cyprus there are two ways a company may be liquidated according to the relevant legislation, the compulsory liquidation and the members’ voluntary liquidation. The compulsory liquidation is performed by a Court’s decision, while the members’ voluntary liquidation is performed by the company’s members or creditors.

Our team of experts always aim to ensure that the liquidation procedure is followed in accordance with the applicable laws and guide the clients throughout the whole process of the company’s liquidation.

Immigration Services

We offer assistance to our clients regarding the relocation of employees and their families from third countries to Cyprus. As such, we undertake the entire process including the registration of the employees and employers with the relevant authorities, the building up of the immigration applications, the insurance coverage, bank account applications and the liaising with the relevant government departments.  

In addition, we provide legal and consultation services to our clients, in matters such as immigration permits, permanent residency schemes and applications for naturalization where applicable. Our services include not only the legal consultation but also the undertaking of the procedures with the authorities and constant legal support throughout the entire process.