Financial Services and Investment Advisory

Ensuring financial strength for future generations

Our team of experts offers extensive guidance and regulatory experience, in assisting with planning, structuring, and implementing the business of regulated entities. This is achieved by offering advice over the regulation and requirements of several jurisdictions, advising on the application progress, the set-up of fully licensed and operational firms as well as the maintenance of such licenses.

Global Licensing Support

We provide assistance with the building up of the licensing package and further legal support for a number of regulated entities such as investment firms, investment funds, fund managers and other financial and investment institutions, payment and e-money institutions, crypto-asset providers, financial advisors and banking institutions among others.    

AML & Regulatory Compliance

We provide legal support to clients and setting up such mechanisms for compliance long term, aligning efforts and enhancing processes across all lines of defence. We comply with key regulations across international, European, and national, jurisdictions. Our team collects and analyses information received from clients as well as in open sources and together with leading experts, we audit the necessary documents and develop feasible solutions to each problem. 

Risk Management

We offer a comprehensive map to risk management. We further provide tailor made solutions to regulated entities with respect to the identification, monitoring and reporting of various risks. Reports are prepared for reference where risks are being identified and reasonable solutions are being provided.    


We run Data Protection Audits through reviews and onsite visits and assess the adequacy of the current controls, policies, and procedures in place. We assess whether our clients’ organisation meets their obligations under data protection regulations which apply in Cyprus and abroad in cases where business may maintain operations in or transfer personal data from.

Financial Forensics

We react quickly and confidentially to any crisis. We may assist in identifying and eliminating illegal activity, safeguarding your company’s assets and reputation, preventing similar recurrences, and arriving at a resolution, with as little disruption as possible to the regular flow of business.

Internal & External Audit

Internal Audit and External Audit are a mandatory requirement for CySEC regulated entities as well as for Institutions regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus. We assist our clients, their management, and their boards by providing quality, independent internal audits as well as external audits of financial statements with relevant insights. Through our quality reporting practices, we play a role in instilling confidence for our client’s piece of mind.  

HR & Business Support

We provide IFRS accounting services for our international clients’ companies and group of companies as well as assisting in the process for preparation of audited accounts. We also undertake ancillary services such as payroll, contribution to social insurance and other related funds, provident fund services in Cyprus. Our experienced HR team provides support and personnel management solutions by recruitment of highly qualified professionals, relocating staff from abroad, undertaking the work permits, organizing trainings for staff and assisting with any legal matters arising from employment.  

Legal Support & Advisory

Our team of corporate and regulatory lawyers, as well as financial services business consultants, have an in-depth knowledge of the on-going requirements that an investment or a financial institution should comply with. We are experienced on all matters relating to pre-licensing and post-authorization, supervision, and legal monitoring of CySEC regulations and we offer continuous legal and compliance support.