Expanding in the UAE

Formation of companies, either in the form of a holding or investment company, in UAE is considered as a reputable, regulated and long-term solution.  

The UAE is a world class jurisdiction with mature banking and legal system that offers no taxation and no restrictions on capital and profit repatriation. Having your Company registered or re-domiciled in the UAE opens up the advantages of double Tax treaties with more than 210 countries. 

The UAE’s government offers attractive tax incentives to businesses. Currently there is no withholding tax regulations that would apply to payments such as royalties and interest or dividends made from the UAE entities to another person (physical or legal entity) either resident or non-resident.  

With reputable regulation, a low tax environment and a government hungry for foreign investment, the UAE have been shaped into both a convenient and economically efficient business habitat.

Advantages Mainland Advantages Free Zone
No taxes levied. 100% foreign ownership.
No audited accounts required. 100% corporate and personal income tax exemption.
10 – 50 visas, depending on the size and activity of the company No currency restrictions.

Services We Offer

  1. Incorporation of Mainland companies.
  2. Incorporation of companies in the Free Zones.
  3. Re-domiciliation of Companies into the UAE
  4. Provision of Nominee Services.
  5. Drafting of Legal Agreements.
  6. Registration of trademarks.
  7. Assistance with bank account openings.
  8. Setting up a substance in the UAE